Office and Classroom Cleaning Services Singapore

A clean, high-quality learning environment is essential for student recruitment. With benefits such as improved indoor air quality and reduced impact to health and the environment, green cleaning from DUX Services is a hassle-free way to help your school earn high marks in your community and help your students excel.

As children spend about one-third of their day at school, healthy school facilities are important for promoting healthy kids. In turn, healthy kids do better in school thanks to improved concentration, fewer sick days and better attendance.

From hallways to desks to restrooms and locker rooms, you need your facilities to be clean. DUX Services delivers. By removing more airborne particulate matter and using green cleaning products, DUX Services can improve IAQ measurably. Improved IAQ can help reduce factors that exacerbate childhood asthma and allergies, and lessen the number of sick days among teachers, students and staff.